Michael Mcdonald from the Doobie Brothers and Bill, 2001
Steven Bruton, Nick Connley, bass player  extrodinare Yogi (look real hard between Nick and Steve)  and Bill after show.
Bill in the middle 60,s dreaming about getting rid of the Gretch guitar and trading it for a solid body blues guitar and moving to Chicago to play with the legands.
Left to right Katerina, Bill & Marcia Ball
Yet another verison of Horace Monster from the late 80's with Bill (left) Jody (middle) and Marty (right).
Same band as above many years later another Horace Monster reunion at Jody Jone's wedding in 2001 (top) with bass player Marty Stremski and Bill at the bottom.
A press picture with a Lear jet from the "solo acoustic act" years.
Bill in military school after just learning his first song
"La Bamba" from a spanish cadet on his new Gibson
guitar in 1960.
The cover of Bills album "So Many Barriors" recorded April fools day in 1969 with Phil Upchurch on Bass,  Sam Lay on Drums and the late Donny Hathaway on keyboards.
Bill & his Lightning Bolt guitar going through a stack of new Marshalls during a show at Glenbard High School in the early 70's.
  One of the first pictures of a very early Horace Monster with Bill in the lower left shot.  This was a publicity stunt when the band tried to get arrested by playing on the island of the Lincoln Park Lagoon, Chicago without a permit to play.  This was around the time of the Democratic National Convention when the Chicago Police were in the national news.
   The equiptment was moved in little row boats at sunrise with a generator for power.  A huge crowd gathered on the shore as shown in the upper left  picture, but to the bands surprise the police were happy to be entertained for a few  hours (pictured just to the left of the band name) and nobody was ever arrested.
Fantastic guitar player Monte Mongomery and Bill
Kenny Wayne Sheppard's solid drummer who played on all of his hits, and Bill.
Part of the Greased Lightning poster press kit.
Paul Rogers (Voice of "Bad Company" & "Free") taken by Bill at a private party after a backstage visit in Chicago.....2002.