Blond mom pretending to be attracted to my dads friend-as dad clowns around-while Bill looks at a picture from an amazing new invention called the Polaroid Land Camera.
A 1956 vacation in Laguna Beach Florida with mom (top right) and Karen and Bill sitting in the sand.
Mother in St. Louis, 1941.
Bill as a kid before all hell broke loose.
Sister Karen in Florida at mothers Palm Beach Condo
Buffalo, New York with mom, dad, Karen and Bill 60 years ago.
Last Letter from Mom
When mom left her horse farm and went to heven, Bill sent this letter to let all of her friends know.  He spent weeks going through her address books to make sure nobody was overlooked.
This is a picture of mother and her second husband, Lee,  on their way to a horse farm party in Ocala Florida at Merry Brook Farm.
Katerina, Lidia, and Bill Christmas time at Biggs 2002.  Full circle with a new family.